ThinkEncore covers a rich variety of topics, including science, technology, society, and economics. It has been created by Cyril Korenbeusser in 2011, initially to address the growing digital influence in the francophone society. Quickly the scope was broadened across borders and adopted the language of the fast growing readers community. The site moved from Blogger to Substack after reaching the threshold of 100k view.

Today, the publication includes articles on various subjects such as the ethics of AI training, the impact of solar eclipses on society, and discussions on legislation like the ‘Made in the USA’ bill1.

Thinkencore aims to bring order to the complex balance of our society, which is being challenged by technological revolutions, social value quests, and geopolitical shifts1.

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Lets bring order to the fragile balance of our society, challenged by tech revolution, social value quest and geopolitical switch...